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Avoiding a Burnout

A workshop designed to share some helpful insight into how to protect emotional health and avoid burnout in a crisis situation.

Webinar Description

Are you feeling under stress or pressure. Are you at risk of burnout?
Are any of your team under stress or pressure? Are they at risk of burnout?

Our training focusses directly on these questions leaving you with ideas and a plan to take pro-active and preventative steps to avoid burnout.

Positive and negative stress is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive stress and to minimize the negative stress.

What will the Webinar cover?



Learn what is burnout and what is the difference between stress and burnout.


Master Plan

Discover strategies that can be used to manage burnout.



We will tell you the causes and consequences of burnout.

Who is the Webinar for?

This course is suitable for individuals from a wide variety of professions and will be particularly helpful for leaders and managers who are interested in learning more about burnout so that they can manage and prevent burnout for themselves and their teams.

The Speakers


Taste 4 Success Skillnet

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet represents a significant, innovative and strategic collaboration between a growing number of member companies across a number of specific food and beverage sub-sectors, such as production, processing, artisan and services.

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet started out with a small group of 16 companies in 1999 based in the north west of Ireland, and since then it has grown its membership to over four hundred active members across a national base.

The network offers training programmes and to give support, impetus and trainee numbers in order to run cost effective and localised training for its members. To become a member of the network (free membership)  click here to find out more.



TrainedIn has been helping these very people during the COVID-19 Crisis by hosting webinars to connect them with potential clients.

In 2019, our founder, Sorcha Finucane, conceptualised the idea of TrainedIn. It’s mission? To make researching and booking training courses so much easier.

As TrainedIn was being built, Sorcha realised that she could use the technology to help with another subject she felt passionately about: enhancing sustainability for small businesses and freelancers.

TrainedIn launched in April 2020. Yes, right at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. (The first one…!) Throughout the year, TrainedIn has been running free webinars to connect freelancers and small training businesses to potential clients. Our promise is always to match highly skilled professionals with the individuals and businesses looking for their services.


Mary Finn

Mary Finn, Founder and Managing Director of Connect4Work specialises in providing effective retention strategies to organisations, including reasonable accommodations by supporting their employees to stay-at or return to work after an absence.

Mary understands that an absence is usually unexpected, unpredictable, often uncontrollable or uncertain but always unwanted! However, through early interventions, with the right supports at the right time, positive work outcomes can be achieved. She has successfully supported organisations in assisting employees navigate through their challenges to stay-at or return-to work and believes everybody has a pathway back to work, they just need help finding it! That is why she created Connect4Work, where she now works with organisations to help them transform their traditional approach of managing absenteeism to focussing on Attendance, Ability and Retention by supporting employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing at work.

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