Program objectives – Consultative sell with relationships as the primary outcome. We will create the participants a partnering mindset Provide all attendees with the necessary tools to uncover the customer needs and position the services or products to address desired outcomes. Give ideas and suggestions for keeping the relationship open when the sale is not made


Relationship Management

  • Building Your Clients for Life
  • Becoming a Proactive Agenda Setter

Growing Client Relationships

  • Strengthening Trust, Empathy, and Listening
  • Developing Rapport
  • Understanding clients body language and voice tonality

Client Account Planning

  • Mastering the First Meeting
  • Reliable Moving from Contact to Contract
  • Client account planning and development process
  • Would client relationships benefit most from a truly in-depth and reflective account planning effort?


Building long-term relationships matters, regardless of your industry. When identifying a business partner, someone whom you will either spend a significant amount of time with or make a large investment in, it’s essential to make sure their qualifications expand past the product or service at hand. You need to trust that they understand your organization understand not only your organization and your long-term goals and objectives. For salespeople, this type of relationship is a high bar to achieve and requires a disciplined approach. To succeed, they must understand the many factors that go into building lasting relationships and develop the skills to build relationship strategies.

However, the pressure to meet numbers before the month closes often means salespeople, especially more junior ones, can overlook these crucial relationship-building touchpoints. For a successful sales organization, train team members on the significance of being relationship-oriented and integrating that approach into their day-to-day activities.


Relationship Management

  • Sale professionals want to take their sales to the next level by no longer selling but instead developing mutually beneficial relationships with their clients. Thereby forming mutually beneficial partnerships with their prospects and clients.
  • Sales Professionals are frustrated with the quality and quantity of sales they manage to generate with their current sales methods and time habits.
  • Teams within any organization, who want to improve their ability to build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • A team that want to improve selling skills.
  • Optimize their ability to positively influence their customers.
  • People who want to become more productive and maximize the quality and quantity of sales and output they manage to achieve within their available time.
  • Teams who want to learn how to use people’s positive emotions to help them make sales decisions.
  • Sales professionals who want to learn how to develop a better understanding of their markets and clients.


transparent back ground
Jason Cooper is an accomplished sales and marketing professional and team leaders with experience in the Irish, UK and international markets. Proven track record of outstanding performance in high growth technology companies and established SaaS multinationals. A broad-based background in all digital -SaaS technologies has given me an exceptional understanding of both clients and end-user perspectives. People-focused leader for both clients and colleagues with a tactical ability to recruit, train and motivate top performers who have contributed to increased productivity and revenue growth. I have demonstrated experience in commercial environments, allowing me to help clients achieve their desired business goals. Jason understands what your sales and the business journey should look like to achieve the desired results of having better relationships with your clients, executing the strategy that will help you win more of the time in these challenging times. As a certified Coach and Trainer, Jason understands the need for growth in people and has a passion for his psychology and behavioural economics knowledge. His core skills lie in building effective relationships with people partners in multiple facets to build relationships. Empathy, strategy, insights, coach, mentor, mentee, provider, thought-provoking and engaging focus help people and teams grow.

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