The Elevate team will work directly with business owners, get to know their business operation, and take a holistic approach to bring it to the next level. Offering a 360° business support, our team of experts will work together as a collective, assisting to you to grow your business and your team.

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Human Resources

Not every business has an on-site HR resource, or has a junior in the role that needs support. In business such as this is it important that everyone is up to speed on best practice to keep all in order. We work with smaller business to give them a basic knowledge of what HR is and how to implement learnings.

Senior Management Facilitation

Business does not just sustain growth – it needs to work at it. It needs to incorporate and scale inclusive, cohesive growth initiatives into all ranks. Our acknowledged growth approach is to improve overall productivity and profitability, thus strengthening our client’s long-term strategic position in the marketplace. We focus on working with existing success to maximise the forward growth journey.

General Operations

In order for a business to be profitable it needs to be run efficiently. All departments need to work to company objectives and meet KPIs. Standard operating procedures are used for consistency and standardisation of service and duties as well as achieving budgeting targets. They are also used to give team clarity on what is expected of them in their role and how to carry out tasks per company requirements. As part of our offering our team embed into your operation and work on the ground, learn your business operation and assist to maximise its potential.

Mid-Level Management Training

Mid-Level Management training addresses key issues that managers face, and helps them learn the necessary skills for leading, thinking critically, coaching direct reports, understanding emotional intelligence and recognizing the signs that will help retain and engage talent.

• Responsibilities & Accountability
• Managing People & Teams
• Performance Management
• Professional Development

Customer Service

Setting service standards is an approach commonly used to create consistent levels of service performance and enhance customer experience. All employees and everyone involved in developing the policies should be trained based on the above standard.

Team Development

For teams to be effective, the people in the team must be able to work together to contribute collectively to team outcomes. During the training we will discuss:

• Goal setting and training staff
• Gap analysis to find competency gaps
• Reward and recognition

Marketing & PR

• Developing a marketing strategy
• PR & digital marketing
• Developing strategic communications plans
• Develop effective communication plans tailored to the needs and capacity of the business
• Developing skills within the business allowing ongoing independent management

Food & Kitchen

• Accurate costing of food items, menus and products – how to achieve a consistent healthy gross profit margin with a manageable food cost which will in turn reflect accurate portions or yields from recipes
• Lean Hospitality – your business design, layout, work flow, what efficiency savings are on offer
• Kitchen Management & Communication
• Menu Creation and SOPs


• Gap analysis & recommendations
• Safety Statement
• Risk Assessments
• Food Safety L1&2
• Fire Safety
• Manual Handling


Understand how much Risk your business is running. Learn how to budget and forecast. Understand your business operation the how and the why and the factors that help you reach your targets.

• Risk Management
• Budget v Actual
• Gross Profit Margin
• Costed Rostering

Sustainable Business

• Introduction to Sustainability
• Climate Strategy
• Resource Efficiency
• Carbon Footprinting
• Circular Economy
• Biodiversity
• Sustainable Food Systems
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