29TH APRIL - 10:00 AM

Managing New Product Development Projects

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This workshop is aimed at businesspeople of small to medium sized businesses that are starting or are in the middle of a project that involves developing a new product that they want to get to market.



At the end of this workshop the businessperson will know all the stages of a development project and have the tools to manage each on to a successful final outcome.

Cost is €59 for 90 minutes webinar.



Lesson 1

Research deals with getting all the ideas written down and showing the benefits of doing the project. The research here helps define the need and the solution in high level terms.


Lesson 2

Gathering Requirements looks at getting the detail of the idea into a sharable form. The output from this phase should be the contract(s) needed to deliver the project.

time money

Lesson 3

Planning checks the feasibility of the project by analysing the time, effort and money needed to complete the project.


Lesson 4

Project Management looks at the methodologies and tools needed to keep the project on track.


Lesson 5

Go-Live and ongoing processes works through a check list of tasks for the preparation for Go-Live as well as what needs to be considered for ongoing maintenance.


This workshop is designed to give businesspeople who are starting out on a new IT project to support their business ideas on how to manage that project. 

Each Lesson gives insights on how to gather the information needed for a project to succeed and how to use that information as the project progresses through its life-cycle to keep the project on-track.




I am Geoff, after 25 years of ‘doing’ and being a Master of Computer Science, I am now sharing my knowledge and experience from the real world.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, to which I bring a wide range of skills covering all aspects of Computer Science, from the history of computing, methodologies and techniques, to the latest languages and devices. I have a way of presenting tricky concepts and technical details in an easy-to-understand way, in a style that will lead you to discover and build you own skills both practically and in a fun way.



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