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Byte Sized Upskilling Workshops

Mediation in the Workplace


This is a highly interactive and integrated training, participants are introduced to essential knowledge, skills and attitudes, for the demanding work of mediation and conflict resolution.

Skills are taught through a variety of methods; presentations, skill drill exercises, role play, discussions, and group work

Webinar Description

Conflict, Mediation and Facilitation

The skill of active listening is practiced. Participants are shown how to listen for the unique way each client experiences their own lives and the situation they are in (their frame of reference). The skill of reframing is also practiced where participants are shown how to help their clients [any others] refocus their attention away from destructive attitudes and behaviours towards a more constructive perspective.

They are taught how to help both sides negotiate mutually agreed ground rules in order to participate well in challenging conversations, often emotive conversations and reach mutually agreed outcomes.

Communication and Negotiation

This section introduces students to negotiation as a process of bargaining between two (or more) people and how to communicate effectively through each of the stages of effective negotiation.

Participants learn about principled and positional negotiations: theory is integrated into practice with relevant case studies, scenarios and simulations through coached experiential exercises followed up by feedback, self-reflection and self-development. Participants are taught how to manage impasse, non- agreement, caucus, and working with each person separately. They learn how to assist clients [and others] to identify, gather together, manage, analyse and prioritise all the relevant information required to resolve their differences, to identify their favoured priorities, reality test them robustly and seek expertise if necessary, through a tried and tested problem solving method.

They will achieve that by being more skilled in their ability to:

Paraphrase, and listen reflectively

Identify the core issues

Facilitate pragmatic problem solving

Become practiced skill of effective questioning

Impart information without giving advice

Facilitate interest based bargaining

Work with power issues

Manage impasse

Establish an ethical practice


What will the Webinar cover?


Conflict Handling

Be self-aware and known their own conflict handling preferences and how to adapt them to the situation at hand.



Manage conflict effectively to a positive outcome.



Support all clients to engage well in a facilitated process.

Who is the Webinar for?

Our Mediation in the Workplace ​Training Programme is designed and aimed towards any person wishing to practice as a workplace mediator, whether in-house or independently. The skills and approach of our mediation training lends itself to a wide range of disciplines – to include:

HR Directors, HR Business Partners, case and advice specialists, Business Owners, Managing Directors, leadership teams and anyone with managerial responsibility, Complaint handlers and customer service teams, Employment consultants, Union representatives and Employee , Relations teams, Professionals - Barristers, Solicitors, Doctors, Accountants, Healthcare and other professionals

The Speakers


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The Taste 4 Success Skillnet started out with a small group of 16 companies in 1999 based in the north west of Ireland, and since then it has grown its membership to over four hundred active members across a national base.

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TrainedIn has been helping these very people during the COVID-19 Crisis by hosting webinars to connect them with potential clients.

In 2019, our founder, Sorcha Finucane, conceptualised the idea of TrainedIn. It’s mission? To make researching and booking training courses so much easier.

As TrainedIn was being built, Sorcha realised that she could use the technology to help with another subject she felt passionately about: enhancing sustainability for small businesses and freelancers.

TrainedIn launched in April 2020. Yes, right at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. (The first one…!) Throughout the year, TrainedIn has been running free webinars to connect freelancers and small training businesses to potential clients. Our promise is always to match highly skilled professionals with the individuals and businesses looking for their services.

Margaret Considine

Margaret is an Advanced Practice Mediator, Negotiator and Management Consultant who works with national and global corporate and public sectors facilitating leadership and strategy development, negotiations, coaching mediations & HR issues. She was Associate Faculty member of the Irish Management Institute for two decades and Associate Faculty at UCC and NUI Maynooth, delivering to Masters level. Margaret lectures in Mediation, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills, Human Resource Management, Strategy, Organisation Behaviour, Communication and Organisation Development, Marketing and specialises in Conflict Resolution, Influence & Persuasion, Mediation & Negotiation Skills. Margaret is the author of 7 books.

Margaret is Past President of the Mii (Mediators Institute of Ireland) 2019-2021. Chair of the Tallaght University Hospital Foundation Board, Board member of Chambers Ireland and South Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Julie McAuliffe

Julie is an Advanced practice Mediator, working in her own mediation Conflict Positive and with the Family Mediation Service, where she mediates complex multi party disputes, interpersonal misunderstandings, bullying and harassment issues, and family disputes. Julie promotes Collaborative Mediation where Solicitors and Mediators work with each other in mediation to maximise the benefit for the client.

Julie lectures at UCD, NUIM, the institute of Public Administration and is a trainer on the post-graduate Certificate in Mediation Training for the Law Society. She has also served on the Executive Board and as Registrar of the MII.

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