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Motivational Skills

A workshop designed to learn how to inspire and motivate yourself and improve your confidence when dealing with people.

Webinar Description

Inspiration and motivation become infectious! People want to connect with inspiring, energised, motivated people. As we all face huge transformations in our lives and work right now, finding ways of keeping yourself, and those around you energised and motivated, is critical.

Navigating change with speed and effectiveness requires greater understanding of everyone’s motivational drivers – what motivates and inspires you, and recognising motivators in others, unleashes higher levels of sustainable energy and well-being long-term. In this webinar you’ll learn how to keep yourself and your team motivated.

What will the Webinar cover?



We will tell you how motivation can be used in many different ways to elicit a positive result.



Discover how to create personalised plans and actions to get the best out of yourself.



Learn self-improvement techniques and skills to enable and support personal growth and well-being.

Who is the Webinar for?

The Webinar is suitable for anyone who wants to learn different motivational models and theories and how to apply them in the workplace to create a high performing environment and culture.

The Speakers


Taste 4 Success Skillnet

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet represents a significant, innovative and strategic collaboration between a growing number of member companies across a number of specific food and beverage sub-sectors, such as production, processing, artisan and services.

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet started out with a small group of 16 companies in 1999 based in the north west of Ireland, and since then it has grown its membership to over four hundred active members across a national base.

The network offers training programmes and to give support, impetus and trainee numbers in order to run cost effective and localised training for its members. To become a member of the network (free membership)  click here to find out more.



TrainedIn has been helping these very people during the COVID-19 Crisis by hosting webinars to connect them with potential clients.

In 2019, our founder, Sorcha Finucane, conceptualised the idea of TrainedIn. It’s mission? To make researching and booking training courses so much easier.

As TrainedIn was being built, Sorcha realised that she could use the technology to help with another subject she felt passionately about: enhancing sustainability for small businesses and freelancers.

TrainedIn launched in April 2020. Yes, right at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. (The first one…!) Throughout the year, TrainedIn has been running free webinars to connect freelancers and small training businesses to potential clients. Our promise is always to match highly skilled professionals with the individuals and businesses looking for their services.

Breda-15 (2)

Breda McGuge

Breda is an ex-Military Officer, Co-Founder of Lean-In Ireland, a Transformational Professional and an accredited Emotional Intelligence coach.

Over the years she has educated and empowered herself and others in the area of emotional intelligence, the subconscious mind and the art of Self Mastery and Introspection.

An accredited ECR coach in Emotional Intelligence; Breda uses both her personal experiences and her observations of the behavioural patterns she sees across the thousands of people she has coached to inspire others.

Using her authentic trademark humour she delivers fascinating motivational inspirational talks to hundreds of people at events and a variety of seminars.

So if you need some inspiration or are interested in getting motivated come along to Breda’s session to find the drive you never knew you had! Your life design will be different afterwards!

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