Risk assessing the Toll of Leadership

Leadership is about leading from behind and getting the best out of all staff – their productivity determines the success of any business or project.

Leaders and Managers want to get the most of their staff – however, this goal can take a toll on their own energies.

What is the Goal of Risk assessing the Toll of Leadership?

The goal of any risk management system is to identify potential problems before they occur and have a plan for addressing them.

Having a risk management plan is easier and more cost-effective than to address a sudden crisis or situation that has gone out of control. In this course, participants will apply the principles of a risk assessment to their own lives and see where the risks are (ie stress points) and where they can build resilience to combat these risks.

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Through the course, Participants will:

Identify the various risks that can be attached to the role of a Leader / Manager

Understand how these risks may impact their own lives
Put a plan in place to reduce or remove these risks
Draft a safety statement for the management of their own behaviours going forward.
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