5TH OCTOBER - 10:00 AM

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7 Steps to Develop an Effective Communications Plan

A workshop designed to develop an effective communications plan that is tailored to suit the needs and capacity of your business.

Webinar Description

An effective communications plan is key to a successful business. Having a simple, yet effective communications plan will help keep staff engaged, increase productivity, increase brand awareness, and grow your business.

In this one-hour workshop Vivienne Gleeson, Communications Consultant, will cover ‘7 Steps to Develop an Effective Communications Plan’ and will include practical tips, advice, and examples, covering the following topics:
• Performing a situation analysis
• Defining goal and objectives
• Identifying and engaging with key stakeholders
• Developing key messages and telling your story
• Identifying channels of communications
• Implementing a communications plan
• Evaluating & measuring results

What will the Webinar cover?


Goals and Objectives

They are the roadmap of a plan and help you clarify the results you want to achieve with your tactics.


Identify and Prioritize

As you begin to identify who your audiences might be, it’s important to consider who they are, both in a demographic sense and a behavioral sense.


Evaluate the results

It’s always important to measure your results to understand whether you achieved your objectives. We will tell you the necessary adjustments in order to perform better and better.

Who is the Webinar for?

Is your company or organization churning out press releases every week that don’t get picked up? Are you spending money on digital and print advertising but seeing sales decline? Are your employees unable to send a consistent message about your organization to customers or donors? If any of these things are occurring, chances are, it is a result of poor or no communications planning.

Successful business communications require strategic planning and execution. You want your message to be heard by the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. Well, take part in our webinar and find out how to optimize your communication.

The Speakers


Taste 4 Success Skillnet

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet represents a significant, innovative and strategic collaboration between a growing number of member companies across a number of specific food and beverage sub-sectors, such as production, processing, artisan and services.

The Taste 4 Success Skillnet started out with a small group of 16 companies in 1999 based in the north west of Ireland, and since then it has grown its membership to over four hundred active members across a national base.

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In 2019, our founder, Sorcha Finucane, conceptualised the idea of TrainedIn. It’s mission? To make researching and booking training courses so much easier.

As TrainedIn was being built, Sorcha realised that she could use the technology to help with another subject she felt passionately about: enhancing sustainability for small businesses and freelancers.

TrainedIn launched in April 2020. Yes, right at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. (The first one…!) Throughout the year, TrainedIn has been running free webinars to connect freelancers and small training businesses to potential clients. Our promise is always to match highly skilled professionals with the individuals and businesses looking for their services.

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Vivienne Gleeson

Vivienne Gleeson is a Communications Consultant and Mentor with 15 years’ public relations and project management experience working with clients in corporate, consumer, hospitality, food, health, environment, and charity sectors. Vivienne helps businesses grow by developing effective communications plans that are tailored to suit their needs and capacity. She specialises in client and media relations, project management, and stakeholder engagement.

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